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Trite Phrases

We visited Canterbury Cathedral. Wonderful place. Thomas Becket’s tomb has been moved and destroyed over the centuries, and there is a simple candle burning in the spot where his shrine last stood in the Trinity chapel. The floor is absolutely beautiful.

I was watching a cricket Test the other day. A particular bowler was struggling with his bowling and was being hit all over the pitch. One of the commentators really had a go at him and announced that he needed “to keep it simple” – a little phrase I’ve heard over and over again in cricket commentaries. This time there was no response from his colleague, only an awkward silence; then the words, “What do you mean by, simple?” Again an awkward silence, and then a rather hesitant response, “You know, I’m not sure.” I loved his honesty, but I couldn’t help thinking of all those fashionable little phrases we use so glibly without really knowing what they mean.