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For Jesse

Today I remember Jesse, a lovely little girl who lived next door to us. She would pop in to visit, see me sitting in the lazy boy chair, and with a twinkle in her eye, ask me for a glass of water. Knowing what was to come, I would get up to fetch it. She would then promptly jump into my chair, push herself back against the backrest, giggle and say mischievously, “Uncle Don I’m in your chair,” and we would laugh and talk. She died tragically in a motor vehicle accident and is forever enshrined in my heart.

In Memory

There’s a story behind this wonderful Magnolia in our garden. It was planted by the previous owner in memory of her Mother who passed away. Every Spring when this plant is in full bloom, our neighbour, who knew the daughter well, has it photographed and sends the image to the daughter, who now lives in Germany. What a joy it is for us to share in this act of memory and to look after this magnificent Magnolia.


I was in a quiet chapel some time ago and saw this. Couldn’t help but think that each one was a memory in someone’s heart. So I lit one each for my Mom and Dad.