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Sometimes it’s good to just sit and look, and look and sit.

Out of Place

Ever been in a place and wondered how you got there?


We all, at times, get stuck in life, but to remain stuck and allow ourselfves to deteriorate, is problematic. There’s always light we can respond to no matter how distant.


Sometimes distance is so telling, the way back is impossible.

The Sea

An image I took while walking along the Dorset Coastline

The sea has this almost coy and playful relationship with the shoreline. The touching and the running away always reminds me of some eternal children’s game of “last touch.”

Predictable Paths

Sometimes the path is just too straight and predictable, and the goal too clear. We need the surprises of twists and turns and the mysteries of hills and valleys.

Ightham Mote

The water was still, the air crisp, and two crows squawked their way through the sky.

Haiku 02

Miles of service

now abandoned

the spirit of our age