Sometimes distance is so telling, the way back is impossible.


If only we could truly read faces – what stories, what mysteries would we find there.

Work and Conversation

While visiting Scotney castle, I watched a group of volunteers working and laughing and conversing away. It was a lovely little scene and I couldn’t help but think that there’s something beautiful about work and conversation when the two come together in a harmonious goal.


The fields, gardens, churchyards and sidewalks are blessed with their brief and beautiful presence.

Welsh Countryside

Sometimes the sky just wants to take a closer look at the ground.


Built into one another: shaped by light and dark.

Welsh Countryside

A visit to the beautiful Welsh countyside. I was particularly taken with the colours in this scene.

A Mountain

Took this image in the Welsh countryside

Visionaries and mountains go together. Many a great vision for life has come to people who have sat quietly in the rare air of mountain tops, gazing out into the vastness lined by distant horizons.

A Leaf

You’re a leaf scattered by an invisible wind. Don’t you know something is moving you?


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