A recent visit to Portugal. “The Tree of Jesse” – Church of St. Francis in Porto.

When fingers, mind and inspiration come together in harmony, civilizations are born.


The desire to nurture things burns strong. I look after these African Violets and they reciprocate with those marvellous little blooms. Every morning on entering the kitchen to make early morning coffee, they greet me with their beauty. I wish I could look as alive and perky as they do that early.


For Jesse

Today I remember Jesse, a lovely little girl who lived next door to us. She would pop in to visit, see me sitting in the lazy boy chair, and with a twinkle in her eye, ask me for a glass of water. Knowing what was to come, I would get up to fetch it. She would then promptly jump into my chair, push herself back against the backrest, giggle and say mischievously, “Uncle Don I’m in your chair,” and we would laugh and talk. She died tragically in a motor vehicle accident and is forever enshrined in my heart.

The Great Escape

Our little dog escaped via the front door and gleefully ran through the neighbourhood, totally unaware of the dangers, with J and I and others in hot pursued. I wish I could be as free from fear as he is.

Out of Place

Ever been in a place and wondered how you got there?


We all, at times, get stuck in life, but to remain stuck and allow ourselfves to deteriorate, is problematic. There’s always light we can respond to no matter how distant.

This Day

All that is eternal in me welcomes the wonder of this day, the field of brightness it creates offering time for each thing to arise and illuminate.

John O’ Donohue