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Winter Light

The wonderful change in the light as Winter begins to entrench itself.


Is there beauty in age? The Autumn leaves say a resounding, yes!


Being rooted is a good thing, especially when strong winds blow; but the winds can also take us to places we’ve never dreamt of.


The vanguard into Autumn – the first among many around it to bravely express its Autumnal colour. It pays a price, though; it’s also the first to stand bare and skeletal when the cold breath of Winter begins to blow.


The desire to nurture things burns strong. I look after these African Violets and they reciprocate with those marvellous little blooms. Every morning on entering the kitchen to make early morning coffee, they greet me with their beauty. I wish I could look as alive and perky as they do that early.

This Day

All that is eternal in me welcomes the wonder of this day, the field of brightness it creates offering time for each thing to arise and illuminate.

John O’ Donohue