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Space between trees, space between stones, space between people. Without space – the tyranny of the communal.

Misty Scenes

Misty scenes always appear with an inherent promise that all will be revealed.

Chairs and Tables

The time will come when these chairs will be filled again and the tables covered with food and drinks.


My eye caught the beautiful symmetry and reflections in these light-shades in my daughter-in-law’s Kitchen. Couldn’t help shooting it.


To experience something of beauty is to feel a stirring up of soul and a surrendering of oneself to that beauty. This surrendering is profoundly compelling but easy and natural, like slipping into bed after a hard and grinding day. To yield to beauty is effortless.

Is it possible for all our connections in life to be lived with such ease? Perhaps, if we are capable of seeing the beauty in all things. 


I walked this morning, and I stopped, and I looked, and I smiled and offered time to each thing. For one brief moment, I saw beyond all imitation.