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About Don

My name is Don Scrooby and I live in The United Kingdom. I feel that more than anything else, nature, and the objective things around us, convey a speech and a message we always need to listen to and follow. This kind of listening is life-giving and there is a certain form spirituality about it. In this blog, through the the photographic image and accompanying words, I’ve tried to share this experience as simply as I can. There is an underlying beauty in nature we all need to see and experience, especially in this day and age as we struggle to save our planet. Most of my shots are taken with a Fujifilm XT100 camera and my Iphone. I’m no professional Photographer, but I do enjoy outdoor walks with my simple gear trying to capture what I see and experience.

Winter Light

The wonderful change in the light as Winter begins to entrench itself.


Hidden radiance, humility on the forest floor.


Is there beauty in age? The Autumn leaves say a resounding, yes!


Being rooted is a good thing, especially when strong winds blow; but the winds can also take us to places we’ve never dreamt of.


The vanguard into Autumn – the first among many around it to bravely express its Autumnal colour. It pays a price, though; it’s also the first to stand bare and skeletal when the cold breath of Winter begins to blow.


Wisps of cloud dancing their last dance before the closing day.


Sometimes it’s good to just sit and look, and look and sit.


The Dom Luis bridge crosses the Douro river in Porto, Portugal

Hidden in the maze of lines and angles, an underlying shape and meaning reassuringly appear.