Work and Conversation

While visiting Scotney castle, I watched a group of volunteers working and laughing and conversing away. It was a lovely little scene and I couldn’t help but think that there’s something beautiful about work and conversation when the two come together in a harmonious goal.

Author: Don

My name is Don Scrooby and I live in The United Kingdom. I feel that more than anything else, nature, and the objective things around us, convey a speech and a message we always need to listen to and follow. This kind of listening is life-giving and there is a certain form spirituality about it. In this blog, through the the photographic image and accompanying words, I’ve tried to share this experience as simply as I can. There is an underlying beauty in nature we all need to see and experience, especially in this day and age as we struggle to save our planet. Most of my shots are taken with a Fujifilm XT100 camera and my Iphone. I’m no professional Photographer, but I do enjoy outdoor walks with my simple gear trying to capture what I see and experience.

6 thoughts on “Work and Conversation”

  1. What you wrote reminded me of my years with the Jubilee Sailing Trust — volunteers coming together for maintenance on the ships, or various fundraising events. Lots of laughs, and a common purpose.


  2. I so agree with this sentiment, Don. Just this week I volunteered with a friend to draw a mural for Daffodil Sunday at church. I had a great time conversing with my friend, but also from time to time others would drop by to see what we were working on and chat with us. The painting was fun, the conversation the icing on the cake. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face on this rainy Saturday afternoon.


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