From My Sketchbook

A sketch I did of a scene in Namibia in Southern Africa – a land of mystery and wide open spaces.We had the privilege of living there for a time. A wonderful experience. A beautiful and strange land.

12 thoughts on “From My Sketchbook

    1. Thank you Sandra. Yes, It was a fascinating place to live. The wildlife is something to see. We lived quite close to the Etosha Game Reserve, a huge, huge area filled with an immense variety of Game. One of the most beautiful sights I ever saw was a herd of Giraffe crossing the salt pans in the shimmering heat. I’ll never forget the image. It was like a vision.


    1. Thanks again, LuAnne. It really was a blessing. As I look back on my life, those three years in Namibia were a real gift to me. I remember them with immense fondness and gratitude


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