My early morning coffee making bears little resemblance to the simplicity and beauty of the tea-making ceremony of the East; but there’s just something about the homely aroma and awakening spell of this wonderful beverage, the quiet house with the faint light of dawn touching the windows, and the clinking sound of a spoon against ceramic.

Copernicus corrected the belief that the earth was the centre of the Universe. I think he too got it wrong. Rather it’s the ever reassuring ritual of early morning coffee-making, especially in these uncertain times.

10 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Vicki

    Happy New Year, Don.

    I’m also one who looks forward to my (Italian Espresso) coffee each morning. I treat myself to 2 cups one after the other. The rest of the day is caffiene-free.

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  2. LuAnne Holder

    I could so relate to your post, Don. There is something very grounding (no pun intended I think 🙂 ) about the ritual of grinding the beans, pouring the milk, and being patient with brewing. I hope you have a lovely new year with many, many enjoyable coffee rituals.

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