They lay where they Fell

We hiked through a beautiful woodland on Sunday. It was cold and muddy, but immensely enjoyable. Coming to the end of the walk, darkness and mystery slowly descended on the woodland and I wondered how many eyes were focussed on us. I loved this little scene. I just had to capture it.

11 thoughts on “They lay where they Fell

  1. Vicki

    Delightful. Dusk seems to reveal the promise of wee critters that are gazing at us (staring in the hope of capturing small critters of the night with our own eyes).

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      1. Vicki

        I think I picked up the description ‘wee’ in Scotland in 1978. We don’t use that word much in Australia (that I’ve heard). Or maybe it comes from reading children’t stories when I was a live-in Nanny in London. Anyway, it’s definitely not a word used in Oz.

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