Autumn 2

When Autumn wraps itself around you. I took a walk around West Malling village while waiting for my vehicle to be serviced. I came across this lovely little scene. I suppose I’m guilty of what some may say a chocolate box mentality when it comes to this image, but what the hell, I thought it was great.

18 thoughts on “Autumn 2

    1. Yes, I think I know what you mean. You often find cottages like that in some of the English romantic dramas. Perhaps that’s where the feeling originates.


  1. Yes, some may say that it looks like a chocolate box, but I agree with China Dream, those buildings look very romantic. The vines suggest that the buildings themselves are comforting and protective. And that red is so beautiful.


  2. West Malling; pretty little Kent village, as I recall. Long time since I’ve been in the area, but I enjoyed our stay in Kent. It’s always great when you come across a bit of charming scenery and have your camera ready, eh?


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