Lavender Fields

Every year we treat ourselves to a visit to the lavender fields. It’s like a pilgrimage we make. To stand and gaze upon them is such a satisfying and pleasurable experience. Purple is a strong colour and I find that if you look at the field long enough, it’s as if everything around you takes on a purple hue. The image I took here shows one of the numerous fields. It was a good day.


23 thoughts on “Lavender Fields

    1. Thanks Dan. There are a couple of Lavender farms in Kent. The fields are really beautiful and they create all sorts of Lavender products on these farms. Quite something to visit them.

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  1. What a glorious sight.
    I feel as though I have a special connection to the sight and perfume of Lavender (being a qualified Aromatherapist in the early 1990s and using it fairly regularly), but somehow it always makes me think of my beloved maternal Grandmother.

    I think she might have had Lavender amidst her linen drawers as everytime we stayed for the school holidays on the farm, that fragrance is what I remember. Don’t know whether that’s true or false, or just an imagined memory.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that Vicki. You would have then enjoyed all the industry around Lavender on the farm. We bought some products and they’re marvellous. Keep well Vicki.

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