Chartwell, the country home of Winston Churchill, where he found homeliness, peace and clarity of thought, and much inspiration through his insatiable need to paint. In spite of all the controversy surrounding him, he remains a great figure who shaped so much of our history.

Author: Don

My name is Don Scrooby and I live in The United Kingdom. I feel that more than anything else, nature, and the objective things around us, convey a speech and a message we always need to listen to and follow. This kind of listening is life-giving and there is a certain form spirituality about it. In this blog, through the the photographic image and accompanying words, I’ve tried to share this experience as simply as I can. There is an underlying beauty in nature we all need to see and experience, especially in this day and age as we struggle to save our planet. Most of my shots are taken with a Fujifilm XT100 camera and my Iphone. I’m no professional Photographer, but I do enjoy outdoor walks with my simple gear trying to capture what I see and experience.

11 thoughts on “Chartwell”

    1. Thanks Dan. It is a wonderful place with the most amazing views across the Southern part of England – the area that experienced a huge burden of conflict during the war. At least twice a week a Spitfire flies over our home towards Dover. It’s a beautiful sight and the sound of that Merlin engine is like music to my ears.

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  1. And thank goodness he did have somewhere to escape to. I admire his strength and tenacity in getting Britain through an extremely difficult period in English history, regardless of the negative aspects of his character which seem to be coming to light in recent times.

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  2. A person that is remarkable and shapes the world can have significant flaws, but if the Nazis were not stopped we would not be able to have a conversation on flawed greatness or protests.

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