A Sentinel

This dead tree always looks like a sentinel standing at the entrance of the barley fields. Whenever I pass it on my way to the woods on the right of this image, the old soldier in me wants to salute it. I love these fields which have produced crops and harvests year after year. They together with the skies of Kent give me a wonderful sense of spaciousness and freedom.

8 thoughts on “A Sentinel

  1. There is just something about them, I know what you mean. I have been going for drives this spring and seeing all the farmland ready to be planted and the fresh soil everywhere. Just brings back great memories of being on the farm.

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  2. I can so relate to this post, Don. There is a tree in the nature preserve near my house that I just have to stop and well, maybe not salute, but stop to share my reverence for her. A couple of years ago she was so old she just fell down but I still stop and give thanks for her nurse-tree work.


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