Overly Exuberant

Another shot of our visit to Scotney Castle. Loved this scene of the old castle. 

This morning I was in the presence of what I can only describe as an overly exuberant person. Being more on the introverted side of things, encounters like these test my patience. I can’t join in because of my sense of incongruence, and a deadened response to it is just plain bad manners. So I find myself, at times, in these rather uncomfortable and in-between places. Fortunately, over the years, I’ve mastered a subtle and measured form of enthusiasm, which I reserve specifically for these encounters. I applied it in this case and it served me well.

18 thoughts on “Overly Exuberant

  1. Sandra J

    Just gorgeous photo Don, from the heavy clouds that speak of a hint of rain, to the green foliage around the castle. It is like a photo out of a story book for me. I can get lost in your photos and drawings.

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      1. Sandra J

        Yes, but phones take pretty good photos also. And it is the subject of the photo that interest me the most. Seeing things, real things from others on this thing called blogging, places I may never get to see, is what I like the most. Your photos tell a story to me. Love them.

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