There’s something wonderful about ruins. They speak of age, memory and past lives, and stand as a living protest against time’s destruction. There’s a dignity about them, even in their decaying and worn-out appearance.

These ruins are part of the old Scotney Castle in Kent. Loved our visit there. Took this shot with my iPhone.

12 thoughts on “Ruins

  1. Vicki

    I love ruins also, but even more so when there’s an archaeological dig beside or under them. I keep imagining someone in time-appropriate costume to walk out the ‘front’ door and speak to me.

    Alas, we don’t have many in Australia, only old convict ruins from the late 1790s to 1850s, so I could only relate to what I saw in the U.K. & Europe on my trips in the mid to late 1970s for the really ancient ruins. Having said that, deserted old houses or old commercial premises which have decayed can offer interesting photographic opportunities too, especially if they have remnants of their prior use visible.


    1. Don Post author

      I have to say Vicki that my imagination also has a tendency to run wild when I’m close to things like this. I imagine all sorts of things. Yes, and I feel the same about archaeological digs, even more so with them, I think. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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  2. sarthak2700

    Indeed, there is something about ruins! Legendary architect Louis Kahn used to say that the ruins are now free of servitude and hence there is a spirit of architecture that can be felt in them.! 😊
    Very interesting blog!



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