From my Sketchbook


A quick sketch I did of a ridge in the Kent countryside. I often have a dream where I launch myself from a ridge and fly over a deep valley. Not sure what the dream means, but it’s a pretty exhilarating one, even though the initial act of launching is extremely scary.

15 thoughts on “From my Sketchbook

    1. Thank you Anthony. Appreciate your comment. Yes, I know Deal, it’s quite close to Ramsgate isn’t it? The sketch I did was of a little scene along a walking trail near Otford in Kent. Again thank you for your comment.


  1. Lovely sketch.

    As to your dream, who’s to say you weren’t astral travelling?

    I say this, as I can think of one particular out-of-body experience I had one night which turned out to be quite interesting in that I visited my Mother and she was reaching out to me. She’d been sleeping alone and on a bed with the end raised due to a back injury and my Father had to sleep in another room for quite some months. In the ‘dream’ my Father was in the same bed next to her and his constant tossing and turning was keeping her awake (apart from the back pain). The next week when I rang to see how she was recovering, she mentioned an Aunt and Uncle who’d visited unexpectedly from the country and stayed the night in the spare bedroom and my Father had to sleep in the ‘sloping’ bed with my Mother. He’d found it hard to sleep in the awkward position of the bed. So for the first time in many months they had slept in the same bed on the one night that I’d had that ‘dream’.

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    1. Thank you Vicki. I find your dream and the whole event around it absolutely fascinating. It just goes to show that there are things that go beyond our rationalities. I certainly never experienced the kind of confirmation you received around your dream, but mine is one I often have, especially in times of stress. I suppose it kind of symbolises the need to escape, escape the source of the stress. Thank you for sharing your experience, Vicki. I think it’s wonderful.

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  2. Your art work and your words together, paints the exact picture in my mind. I often dream that and that first step is the hardest part, but then it feels like freedom. The wind in your face and a smile. I could never do anything like sky diving, for me I think it is the feeling of freedom from the world around me, reminding me to enjoy the simple things in life. To let all the things I used to worry about, to just let them go. What a great thought to start my day today Don, have a wonderful day.

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    1. Thank you Sandra for your kind words. I’m glad you identified with the experience. I think you’re right, as I was saying to Vicki, the dream often comes when things are a little stressful. I try and identify what is weighing me down and it is like you say, it is usually the kind of things that in the scheme of things don’t really matter, and I find myself having to simplify things. Thank you for your insight. Much appreciated.

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