From my Sketchbook

A sketch I did of an Irish coastal scene. The place seemed abandoned with an air of loneliness about it.

17 thoughts on “From my Sketchbook

  1. Yes, but where a family once lived and thrived the simple life. A warm home, small and quaint, compared to the giant houses of today. This one, I picture a warm golden glow coming from the inside from a lantern. And the fireplace going on a chilly night. I just love your drawings. I can get lost in my own stories as I view them.

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    1. You have a wonderful imagination, Sandra. I too imagined a hearth around which the family found warmth and sustenance. Thank you for your kind words and what a gift it is to get lost in your own stories.

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    1. Hi Joni
      I’m deeply grateful for the nomination – thank you, but I hope you’ll understand I would rather not respond to the nomination as it is something I don’t do. Again thank you for you kindness.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, LuAnne. I have to confess that I really just dabble around. I’m learning too. I enjoy doing it. I like the zen-like feeling of sketching.

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