Dissolving Fear

To courageously take in the palm of your hand that which you fear, and to gaze into it with discerning sight, is to empty it of all dread. What is understood has little power to frighten. Inner peace is deeply tied to our ability to understand. To understand is to be at peace.

7 thoughts on “Dissolving Fear

    1. Don Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Sandra. Love the way you speak of your power coming back to you. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to fear.But as you say, I’m sure it must have been a courageous journey which probably still goes on for you.


      1. Sandra J

        Thank you Don, it is an ongoing process as life changes, but learning the strength we all possess made a big difference for me. Knowing the strength of my Heart is what changed, the mind can be deceiving.

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