Walking in the Woods

I enjoy walking through the woods. Whenever an opportunity to do so presents itself, I welcome it. There’s something so idyllic and peaceful about it. However, there’s also something a little strange about it. Many spaces in the woods have a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere about them, and lingering in them can be so uplifting and energising; but, there are also spaces that feel decidedly uncomfortable, disconcerting, even a little malevolent, and the feeling to get away is intense. Strange, I’ve never been able to understand this contradiction. It’s a mystery to me, and I’ve come to accept it like that – even been in awe of it at times.

12 thoughts on “Walking in the Woods

  1. Sandra J

    I get that also at times. Like your photo, when I get to areas that are thick with trees and it starts to look darker. I usually turn around and go else where. As if I dont want to disturb the silence of the forest.

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  2. Vicki

    I guess that’s not dissimilar to me walking into a room and feeling lopsided, or uncomfortable. I can’t function in certain rooms. I feel instantly calm and enveloped in a warm cocoon in other rooms.
    The room discomfort is a Feng Shui thing 🙂


  3. Val Boyko

    Not everything is green, bright, clear and uplifting … just as life. Ego mind still clings to what it wants. Wiser mind embraces the reality…. and makes it okay … again and again. Thanks Don for sharing a new perspective 💛



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