Snapshots Of My World

A Journal of Thoughts, Photographs and Sketches

From My Sketchbook

A scene near our village just longing to be sketched. I had the distinct feeling of this being a restful place in spite of the signs of neglect. So it found its way into my sketchbook.

Categories: Art, Creativity, landscapes, life, Photography, Sketchbook, Village life

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16 replies

  1. An Artist as well as a writer – you are obviously very gifted and creative 🙂

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  2. That is so beautiful, what a wonderful gift you have Don. It is showing times past, neglected now, but if you look deep enough I can see the trees in bloom. And flowers along the wall on a summer’s day. It is telling a story to me.

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  3. That’s marvellous! I like your style. I wish I could sketch.

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  4. The sketch is just beautiful. So glad that the scene called out for you to draw it. So glad you shared it with us.


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