Cloud Shadows

Standing alone on Bluebell hill, I watched the clouds go by, their shadows like smudges of ink gliding across the countryside. A thought came to mind – do these shadows at some mysterious level leave behind their tracks in the landscape, or do they simply, without a trace,  dissolve with their twin in the sky?

6 thoughts on “Cloud Shadows

  1. Vicki

    What a notion would be most people’s thoughts!

    I believe that everything on this planet – man, flora, fauna, weather – well, just about everything is interdependent. Just as high rainfall preserves certain species of plant, animals and insects, everything else that touches this earth leaves a mark -visible, or invisible (to the naked human eye).

    From the fruit I had for breakfast, right back to the store, delivery truck, grower, sun & rain, birds and animals that might have left fertilizer in the field, to the insects that pollinated its flowers, to the leaves that dropped in Autumn to mulch the ground, to the seed as it lay on the earth, to the…………well, anything and everything.

    None of us humans, no matter how hermit-like our existence, is ever truly alone either.

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    1. Don Post author

      Vicki, you have a wonderful way of seeing things. So much of your blog is a testimony to what you have said so beautifully here. Thank you for your inspiring comment and for taking the time to share your thoughts in this way.

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