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Morning Light

This morning’s walk:

The soft morning sunlight has this unassuming power to gladden the heart of things and to call them forth into the confidence of a new day. It’s not a glaring light shaking us into forceful wakefulness, but a gentle one, introducing and revealing the day with poise and with grace.

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  1. I love this walk you take up this hill, what a way to see the start of your day. As if you don’t know for sure what is on the other side, but it is beautiful on the way up. Beautiful,

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    • ” As if you don’t know for sure what is on the other side…” Lovely insight, Sandra. I’ll certainly remember it tomorrow when I walk. I so enjoy that scene which changes, virtually every day. During the Christmas season that little hedge in front of the house was full of Christmas lights. Looked wonderful.

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  2. I remember the last photo you took of this hill when the fog was caressing the country side, you could feel the peace and quiet by looking at your photos.

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  3. That’s so pretty, Don. I love looking up the hill at that colorful sky.

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  4. So beautiful! I know how quickly this changes too. Wonderful capture.

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  5. What a lovely walk to take at that time of day. So precious to be able to see such wonder and filled with the gladness of sharing.

    Such a joy to greet each new day in the countryside, where there is no traffic and urban noise.


    • Thank you Vicki. I so enjoy these morning walks. So many early morning sounds and sights, and yes the countryside has a mystique and beauty of its own. To walk through it is such a gift to me.


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