Morning Light

This morning’s walk:

The soft morning sunlight has this unassuming power to gladden the heart of things and to call them forth into the confidence of a new day. It’s not a glaring light shaking us into forceful wakefulness, but a gentle one, introducing and revealing the day with poise and with grace.

16 thoughts on “Morning Light

    1. Don Post author

      ” As if you don’t know for sure what is on the other side…” Lovely insight, Sandra. I’ll certainly remember it tomorrow when I walk. I so enjoy that scene which changes, virtually every day. During the Christmas season that little hedge in front of the house was full of Christmas lights. Looked wonderful.

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  1. Vicki

    What a lovely walk to take at that time of day. So precious to be able to see such wonder and filled with the gladness of sharing.

    Such a joy to greet each new day in the countryside, where there is no traffic and urban noise.


    1. Don Post author

      Thank you Vicki. I so enjoy these morning walks. So many early morning sounds and sights, and yes the countryside has a mystique and beauty of its own. To walk through it is such a gift to me.


  2. Pazlo

    “Outside there was that predawn kind of clarity, where the momentum of living has not quite captured the day. The air was not filled with conversation or thought bubbles or laughter or sidelong glances. Everyone was sleeping, all their ideas and hopes and hidden agendas entangled in the dream world, leaving this world clear and crisp and cold as a bottle of milk in the fridge.”
    – Reif Larsen

    “There is something sacred about stillness. The world has not changed, outside our bounds, we just realize peace and tranquility are possible, if we make space for it.”
    -Ed Lehming

    Seek peace,


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