To live deliberately is a good thing. Goal-setting and to-do lists etc., certainly get things done. But to be overly deliberate in our living is limiting. It becomes exhausting. Everything has to be gruellingly willed into existence, and the inevitable price we pay is a form of tunnel vision and a loss in natural spontaneity and creativity.

6 thoughts on “Deliberateness

  1. Don Post author

    I really like that description you give, Dan, of “a meandering flow.”. I think that’s where I am as well. And I certainly feel less stressed.


  2. jonicaggiano

    So true we have to almost teach ourselves not to follow that path as we get older. When we are in our tender years we suck in imagination, exploration and so much more. This is such a truthful piece. You certainly nailed it. Love ๐Ÿ’• Joni



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