The smell of the wet grass in this field reminded me of the African Bushveld.

We relish in describing ourselves as optimists, and there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a good thing to be optimistic. However, in my quieter moments, as I’ve pondered on this, I’ve thought of our expressions of optimism as often having more to do with our fears than anything else. It’s a sobering thought.

Optimism is often used as a kind of protective armour we put on to shield us from all the vagaries of life. It’s a way of dealing with our fears. We bury them under a layer of false optimism, while all the time they eat away at us.

Oscar Wilde once said, “The basis of optimism is sheer terror.” Sounds a bit extreme, but I think I’m beginning to understand something of what he meant.

May your new year be filled with authentic optimism and encouragement.

Author: Don

My name is Don Scrooby and I live in The United Kingdom. I feel that more than anything else, nature, and the objective things around us, convey a speech and a message we always need to listen to and follow. This kind of listening is life-giving and there is a certain form spirituality about it. In this blog, through the the photographic image and accompanying words, I’ve tried to share this experience as simply as I can. There is an underlying beauty in nature we all need to see and experience, especially in this day and age as we struggle to save our planet. Most of my shots are taken with a Fujifilm XT100 camera and my Iphone. I’m no professional Photographer, but I do enjoy outdoor walks with my simple gear trying to capture what I see and experience.

13 thoughts on “Optimism”

  1. Thanks for a well-considered holiday wish, Don. I have always been an optimist. Sometimes, I think you’re right, I’ve been hiding fear. Sometimes, I’ve just been naive (another lifelong trait). I like to think that authentic optimism can be contagious. Maybe, just maybe, it helps someone else.

    I wish you all the best as the new year rolls in. Finding you back in business was one of the best things in 2019 for me.

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    1. I so appreciate your comment, Dan. Getting to know you through your posts has been an absolute joy for me and that optimism you describe has always shone through your writing. Your practicality and earthiness are deeply valued. Thank you for your kind words. Immensely appreciated.

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  2. This resonates Don. Thank you for the reflection 💕 Overly optimistic people seem to be convincing themselves that everything will be okay. They come from fear that it won’t be okay and often don’t want to feel what needs to felt.
    Genuine optimism’s is knowing deep down that everything really is okay … no matter what is happening, and how it impacts us.
    Trusting in what is unfolding.
    Not an easy task these days. But always worth coming back to and evaluating 🤔

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    1. Thank you Val. I love your line, “Genuine optimism is knowing deep down that everything is really okay.” It’s such a sane and wholistic definition. You say it better than me.😊


      1. Thank you for your wishes, Vicki. I love the way you tie or define optimism within the bounds of mindfulness. I also find find your last sentence deeply meaningful.


  3. ….and may your own New Year be filled with more reflections and wise observations on life.

    I don’t think I’m a particularly Optimistic Person per se – merely a lover of living Mindfully each day and enjoying whatever there is to enjoy in this present moment. Optimism seems to be too far in the future for me to contemplate.

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    1. Thank you for your wishes, Vicki. I love the way you tie or define optimism within the bounds of mindfulness. I also find find your last sentence deeply meaningful.


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