On my way home – evening silhouettes

A Thought:

I’m not one for certainties, though I’m sure they have their place. Now that may sound a bit wishy-washy and anaemic, but they do have this tendency to shut doors and close down thought and discussion. I lean more to the side of that gracious invitation to look beyond the prisons of certainty, into the wide-open spaces of mystery and endless possibility. So, when it comes to certainties in life, I prefer to hold them in an open hand and bid them goodbye when they need to go.

8 thoughts on “Certainties

  1. Thomas Yarbrough

    Well written. I try to lean on my Zen side myself; it has been the single most productive power toward my mental health recovery, not thinking about “it”, just doing. That way the past fears are not recognized in the moment and thus unable to hold me back.

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    1. Don Post author

      I think that’s marvellous, Thomas. I love the way we all follow paths that enable us to cope. Strength in your recovery, Thomas. Thank you for sharing.



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