A Misty Morning

A misty morning in Kent.

I love walking on misty mornings. The mist strangely muffles noise and everything is so still. It’s as if a white sheet of silence is cast over the countryside. So invigorating! Coming up this hill I just had to take this shot.

8 thoughts on “A Misty Morning

    1. You’re right Sandra. “Solitude” is the word. It’s exactly what I experience, and every now and again, the distant sound of a bird call. It is beautiful. I think I’d be comfortable with mist every morning, but that’s just being greedy.

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  1. I love that silence too. It’s so magical.

    It rests the mind and soothes the soul. The few times I have got up early in winter and entered a mist-shrouded landscape I always feel a sense of wonder and anticipation of not knowing. Not knowing whether the mist will rise and reveal nature’s treasures or just remain thick and silent on the ground.

    I used to see it more in the U.K. when travelling there in the 1970s or living in Sussex and walking in the nearby woods.

    Here in our urban landscape in suburban Melbourne, the mist isn’t so prevalent. I suppose the buildings being close together make it too warm? My brother sometimes sends me some good shots he’s taken looking over the valley near his farm in the country.

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    1. Those surprises and “not knowing” you speak of, Vicki, are so real, especially in landscapes you don’t know so well.I didn’t know you once lived in Sussex. You obviously then can identify with the experience of walking in the mist in the English countryside. So sorry you’re unable to experience this much more now.

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      1. I lived in Rudgewick, Sussex for only 6 months working as a live-in Nanny, but I well remember the walks in the woods, especially the sea of Bluebells beneath my feet. It snowed quite deeply that February and the 1978 December when I was living in Parsons Green for 6 months. So I’ve experienced the hot summer of 1976(?) and the snow-covered London in 1978/9 – both extremes.

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      2. Sounds like you certainly have experienced a wide spectrum of the English weather, Vicki, and its landscape. Sounds wonderful. I know Parsons Green quite well. Thank you for sharing.

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