Snapshots Of My World

A Journal of Thoughts, Photographs and Sketches

Nature’s Rhythm

“The beauty of nature insists on taking its time. Everything is prepared. Nothing is rushed. The rhythm of emergence is a gradual, slow beat, always inching its way forward remaining faithful to itself until the new unfolds in the full confidence of true arrival.”

John O’ Donohue


Categories: landscapes, nature, Photography

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6 replies

  1. Such beautiful shades of Autumn and well captured 🙂


  2. A beautiful setting of words to a picture of a beautiful setting. Nice work, Don.


  3. I love this, Don. The photo is beautiful. I love autumn. And I love John O’ Donohue! He is one of my favorites, a man with a loving vision that we could use right now. I miss him.


    • Thank you LuAnne. I love his work as well and his vision is certainly something we are crying out for at this time. Thank goodness for the books he has left – an absolute gift to us. I too miss him and find it tragic that he left us so untimely.


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