Snapshots Of My World

A Journal of Thoughts, Photographs and Sketches

A Photograph

Took this shot on a walk along the Medway river. Loved the reflection
A Word Picture:
He was large, full of unbridled brawn, sporting a high and tight crew cut, a gold chain around his neck and a presence dominating the smiling faces around him.
I gave the photograph back to her and looked at the shrunken figure lying in the bed. Was it really the same man? She, on the other hand, was small, cautious and surrounded by a tragic air of subservience.
Three weeks later they held the Church service for him. For the first time in ten years, she hesitantly got behind the steering wheel of their car, feeling strangely free, yet guilty for feeling that way.

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5 replies

  1. I love this photo. The reflection is so interesting. Your word picture is quite intriguing also. The start gave no indication of the ending which came as a great surprise.

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  2. Superb Word Picture. I love it.

    You certainly do have a gift for the written word and how to string sentences together to paint pictures, Don.

    I wish I had your vocabulary.

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  1. A Photograph — Snapshots Of My World – Rexton digital

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