Nature as Artist

Yesterday I was engrossed in watching the shadow of a cloud slowly move across the slope of a small hill. It was a moment of sheer beauty. It got me thinking of the landscape and the intimate relationship it shares with light.

It has this wonderful gift of being able to receive the light into itself and to immediately begin to shape it in diverse textures of shadow and colour according to all the nooks and crannies and angles of the terrain. It’s as if the landscape becomes an artist using light as the paint to produce a portrait of itself. I’ve often seen what I can only call breathtaking creations flowing out of this sacred and intimate relationship.

13 thoughts on “Nature as Artist

  1. Hariod Brawn

    . . . and this photo here reflects a reflection (those reflected photons caught by your camera), seized first by you as a reflection (similar photons from source to your eye) of a reflection made within your mind (a visual representation), and which determind it to be a reflection (upon water) without consciously realising it was in fact a reflection (in your mind), yet which also was reflected in nature, in ways always distanced. It’s all mirrors, Don. 😉


    1. Don Post author

      I thought long and hard on your comment Hariod. It’s actually quite incredible. You’ve opened my eyes. It really is amazing and I feel I need to ponder more on this. Thank you.

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