The Wind

Yesterday morning early I was sitting in our lounge sipping coffee and listening to the wind blowing. As it caught the eaves of our home I heard its characteristic and mournful lament. It’s a sound that always touches something deep in me evoking what I can only describe as a sense of deep loneliness and longing.

I think at some level of our humanity, each of us is alone longing and pining for something we don’t really understand. The wind is a master at putting us in touch with this hidden and mysterious aspect of ourselves. I suppose it does this to us because in itself there are unreached realms of longing and mystery. There is much humanity in nature and nature in humanity.

12 thoughts on “The Wind

  1. Hi Don, I only realised you were back blogging after seeing ‘someone’ called Don on Val’s site. Anyway, these words here are quite brilliant in their concise perspicuity. The wind howls, or perhaps there is only the softest susurration across the lake, up in the treetops, and somehow we may sense that part of ourselves — as you suggest, whilst unknowing of quite what it is — that it carried away in an invisible drift of some long-forgotten past.

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    1. Hi Hariod.
      It’s wonderful to hear from you. It has been quite a while now, but Im glad to be blogging again and so appreciative of you contacting me. We’ve settled well in the UK and living here has been a real gift to us. We live in Kent and I’ve walked all over the beautiful countryside. It’s an exquisite place for walking. I hope you are keeping well Hariod and I look forward to staying in toucht with you.

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  2. A lovely reflection and drawing Don. 💛Longing and yearning come from the heart. Perhaps the wind touches us there to remind us of the hidden Source that connects us to each other and nature. Perhaps this is the sound of the Cosmos.

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  3. Your words are just perfect at describing the wind around my apartment block. Mournful lament describes the wind at night when I wake.


    1. Thank you for you comment. I must say that when I saw your blog again and that beautiful lake, especially the one with the mist and the geese, I realised just how imbedded the images of that lake are in me, after having seen them for a number of years before I took a break from blogging in order to settle in the UK. It was wonderful to see your images again.


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