Snapshots Of My World

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The Call Of A Dove

Where I heard the call of a dove.

A Reflection:

This morning I stopped and listened to the cooing of a dove. The gentle tone, so soft on the ears, evoked sudden compassion in me and my eyes moistened with emotion. What is it in a dove’s call that does that to you?

I’m convinced that when you begin to gaze into the heart and essence of nature, there is a hidden and non-codified morality that draws you irresistibly into its transforming presence.

Categories: landscapes, Mysticism, nature, Photography

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9 replies

  1. (EN) Beautiful reflection, Don😊
    (IT) Bellissima riflessione, Don 😊


  2. What a beautiful spot for a tender reverie!


  3. Great thought to go along with your image. Well done.


  4. Excellent capture,, Mr Don. A grand shaded avenue. Thanks for sharing. g


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