I put the leash on my little dog, Broddah, donned my jacket and cap and walked out into  the crisp Spring air. The morning was bright, the sky blue and I could feel the spring in my step.

As I walked along the path with Bluebell hill before me, I could hear the birdsong coming from the trees – beautiful! Strange how the chirping and singing of birds has a kind of echoing sound in the countryside. I’ve never been able to understand this, but I love the sound. Like sunlight on water is to my eyes, so is birdsong to my ears.  I also watched a grey stallion in the paddock to my left celebrating the morning by galloping around  and proudly shaking his head and arching his neck, then, throwing himself onto his back and rolling around with glee. It was something to see.

I eventually got home and crowned it all with a cup of tea and two Rich Tea biscuits. Nothing like an early morning walk to start your day, especially with a little friend who enjoys it even more than you.

16 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. anotetohuguette

    The birdsong is calling me here, too…I’ll be heading out on a forest walk soon and must remember to bring my notebook…your meditative walk into spring sounds so peaceful…and now I’ll be on the hunt for those biscuits!

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  2. LuAnne Holder

    What a deeply moving description, Don. I immediately knew what you meant with “Like sunlight on water is to my eyes, so is birdsong to my ears.” Sounds like a great way to start the day. The birds here have been quiet all winter but this morning when I let the cat out, they were singing a symphony. I do love that music. Great post.


    1. Don Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the phrase, LuAnne. Yes, the birds have also been silent here for most of the Winter. I suppose it’s that silence that makers them all the more appreciated when they do start singing and chirping.

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  3. Stuart Templeton

    A lovely picture, and some lovely words – your description birdsong was very well put, I know what you mean.

    Not sure about the Rich Tea’s though – Digestives’s surely? 😀
    Great post (and thanks for visiting my blog).


      1. Stuart Templeton

        I love birdsong, I still don’t know what most of them are though, but it’s always great to hear it regardless. I love this time of year when the migrants start to arrive and add their voices to the mix.

        Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for taking time to have a look.


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