I’ve always been fascinated by stone. Something in me believes that stone is not simply dead and inanimate, but rather alive and a kind of receptacle of memory and history. In some mysterious way I think stone gathers into itself and holds within itself what has happened around it. I would often look at a mountain and ask the question, “What have you seen? What memories lie in your stone? What would you say if you could speak? I addressed these questions to the stone of this church.

6 thoughts on “Stone

  1. rogermoorepoet

    Texture is key: but there’s also a sentiment within the walls of old buildings, castles that have seen violence, for example, or churches and monasteries that have seen better days. I think of Raglan Castle, Caerphilly, or Tintern Abbey. Moving further south to Corfe Castle and Maiden Castle, Badbury Rings, even Glastonbury … these places are haunted by history and a receptacle for apparitions and ghosts. There’s a silence and a stillness and a coolness in this photo, abstracts in words, but present in the picture.


    1. Don Post author

      Thank you for your comment Roger. Appreciate it. You’re so right about the sentiment within old buildings. I’ve been to some of those you mentioned.This is also my experience and I can become mesmerised by their appearance and atmosphere.

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  2. rogermoorepoet

    I didn’t mention Westbury White Horse, but I have been up there, just as the sun was setting, with the horizon all blood red. A sudden chill, and it became scary, spooky, and I ran all the way back to the car. Couldn’t get away from there fast enough. I have felt that in other places, too, notably Badbury Rings, also late in the afternoon. I was there (some time ago) with my daughter and we both felt it. “Let’s get out of here, Dad!” I have visited some archaeological sites in Mexico, mainly in the Oaxaca Valley and surrounding hills, that have an aura about them. It varies from place to place, but the sacredness of place is very evident to some of us and it is not surprising (to me) that later religions worship on the same sites as older religions. It’s a fascinating pic and I have explored it in some of my writing.

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