DPI Showroom and Offices – Amsterdam

  • Client DPI,
  • size 16,146 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Being Spaces created the DPI showroom and offices as a warm and welcoming environment in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    In 2003 ‘De Projectinrichter’ (also known as DPI) started as a seller and consultant of office furniture, their office was based in a Dutch city called Purmerend. After 17 years, DPI has grown into one of the largest independent suppliers for office furniture, floor and window coverings and lighting in the Netherlands. It is a preferred supplier of Haworth and Steelcase.

    DPI has three locations in the Netherlands and the one from Purmerend is moved to Amsterdam (Oostzaan) with a brand new office which will function as a showroom aswell. In this location the concept of ‘passion for working in the office’ is taking the lead.

    DPI took the first steps to establish a partnership with Being Spaces to give this new office an inspiring and future-proof interior design. The new interior has its own atmosphere and experience in which employees (and clients) feel at home and can do their job optimally. In addition, it must be inviting to be able to show the ‘passion for working at the office’ to various and interested parties.

    With a 1,500-square-meters space that functions both as an office and a showroom, it is important that people who want to work in silence can do so. Therefore, the space is divided into different zones with excellent acoustic materials such as carpets, acoustic ceiling baffles and even in their furniture, so that clients can also see the possibilities for their future office.

    Design: Being Spaces
    Photography: courtesy of Being Spaces