PepsiCo Poland Offices – Warsaw

Decorated throughout with PepsiCo materials, the beverage company giant's Warsaw office represents both characteristics of the global brand combined with local Polish culture.

  • Client PepsiCo,
  • size 38,180 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • MIXD designed a playful and vibrant space for the PepsiCo Poland offices in Warsaw, Poland.

    The reception counter is filled with Pepsi cans, and a squadron of “crisps” hovers over the sofas. These are not custom-made elements, but a pre-existing product – Shell acoustic screens by the Polish brand Mute. On the left side, you can admire a colorful mural – the graphic artist Patryk Hardziej presented the 9 most important brands from the PepsiCo portfolio. On the left, we have a cafeteria – a zone where we can experience these brands. The space that brings to mind the interiors of American roadside bars from the 1960s is dominated by a “refrigerator” – a structure inspired by vintage cooling appliances, which, of course, hides cold drinks.

    Adjacent to the lobby is the so-called creative room. The room features an element characteristic of the entire office – an installation based on the Bubbles system by the Polish brand Puff-Buff. Round bubbles made of transparent plastic, reminiscent of bubbles in carbonated drinks, play the role of lighting, space dividers, and lower ceilings.

    The new headquarters of PepsiCo Poland was an interesting design challenge. First, the building is long and relatively narrow. “We didn’t want to divide the space with walls. We wanted the effect of a bright, open, spacious interior where it is pleasant to stay. But this could not affect the comfort of work. Typical working spaces have been divided into sectors in which no more than a dozen people work. We divided them with lounge zones, openwork shelves, and glazing or fabric-covered co-working stations. Acoustic comfort of the whole is also increased by the acoustic ceiling and carpeting”. The original architecture of the office building also made it possible to create – apart from the game room – intimate relaxation areas for employees – balconies decorated with outdoor furniture and bay windows with colorful hammocks and comfortable armchairs.

    Sustainable food production is one of PepsiCo’s priorities. Among other things, it is looking for new solutions for the use of packaging in a closed cycle.

    It is also worth noting that the office is organized in such a way as to motivate employees to live in an eco-style. among others, plastic bottles have been completely abandoned here. Instead, you can use tap water, PepsiCo drinks from dispensers, and SodaStream saturating devices.

    Design: MIXD
    Contractor: Tetris
    Furniture Dealer: Bakata Design
    Photography: Kinga Skalik