Morning Consult Offices – Washington DC

Morning Consult’s new Washington DC headquarters creates a three-dimensional brand experience that evokes the energy and grit required to create powerful forms of change.

  • Client Morning Consult,
  • size 50,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Washington DC, United States,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Gensler struck a balance between sophistication and creativity to deliver the Morning Consult offices in Washington DC.

    Vibrant vistas, inviting spaces, and warm, tactile materials are the foundation for this fresh and sustainable approach to the hybrid workplace.

    As the global decision intelligence company adapted to change and flourished during the pandemic, Gensler partnered closely with the Morning Consult Spaces team to design its DC headquarters with a holistic approach that considers the diversity and well-being of its staff. The new hybrid workplace design prioritizes accessibility, intuitive technology, convenience, and biophilia to create an uplifting atmosphere with open vistas that energize the space with natural light.

    Set within the historic Woodward & Lothrop department store, the unique LEED Certified space comes alive the moment one steps inside. To capture Morning Consult’s vision of a balance between refinement and grit, Gensler’s design employs raw, weathered, natural, and tactile materials in an unexpectedly sophisticated manner. Resilient materials such as linoleum, terrazzo, BioLith cement tile, and stained OSB diagonal panels join forces with locally sourced lighting strategies to reduce the space’s carbon usage and emulate the company’s brand. A variety of oak walls, greenery, and rustic patinaed Corten metal express a reverence for the diversity found in nature. Nature can forge paths, carve and shape landscapes, and connect areas that were once separated — that ability inspires Morning Consult’s new workspace.

    Design: Gensler
    Design Team: Gensler DC, Jessica Maples, Sean Wayne
    Morning Consult Spaces Team: Jeighdeane King, Emma Canfield, Evan Judge
    Contractor: Rand
    Furniture Dealer: Bialek
    Photography: Garrett Rowland