We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of acoustic solutions for modern workspaces, hotels, and other public spaces. Among our top-quality products are soundproof office pods, privacy screens, acoustic lighting, and sound absorbers. To reach top-level performance, we develop and test all our products in our in-house sound lab with the guidance of our acoustics experts. As a result, everything we create mixes high acoustic performance with minimalistic, timeless design, bringing acoustic comfort and an enjoyable atmosphere to more than 3200 offices worldwide, including Rolex, Coca-cola, and Netflix. As an environmentally conscious company, we source 90% of our components locally from day one. What's more, we use recyclable materials, work with FSC-certified wood suppliers, and use clean-renewable energy in our factory (and that's only part of our sustainability policy). Our new family of acoustic pods, Jetson, combines smart and innovative tech solutions with high-end components and an attractive price. All to make the acoustic pods more obtainable and office work more flexible and productive.